PayClearly is Thrilled to Announce their Partnership with Ellucian to Further Streamline AP Departments within Higher Education

Lakeland, Fla., May 28, 2019 — PayClearly, a leading provider of automated payment solutions, has partnered with Ellucian, the world’s leading provider of software and services built to power higher education, to help lead higher education institutions to a more streamlined approach within their accounts payables departments.

The payments process for multiple departments within education institutions can be vastly different. PayClearly is changing this through automation and a clear, simple process. The PayClearly solution adds valuable time back into the financial department’s workday and their solution has proven that accounts payables doesn’t need to be a complex process. Higher Education institutions generally operate with limited resources, so finding ways to streamline processes and shave time off of tedious tasks is always welcomed.

The partnership with Ellucian will allow PayClearly’s higher education clients to, not only, use virtual credit cards for payments but also integrate the PayClearly solution with the Ellucian ERP system already in place. This integration creates a seamless accounting procedure that optimizes the accounting department’s whole payment and reconciliation processes.

“PayClearly provides a solution to campuses that will maximize accounts payables resources and establish simple processes that are highly efficient,” said John Jamieson, Senior Vice President of Sales at PayClearly. “The partnership allows us to truly simplify the world of payments in higher education, allowing these departments to condense workloads and put their time and effort into more important tasks.”

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