PayClearly Partners with Nexstar Media Group, LLC

Lakeland, Fla., December 4, 2019 – PayClearly, an automated payments solution, has partnered with Nexstar Media Group, LLC, a leading diversified media company offering traditional media, digital and mobile media platforms.

This invaluable partnership allows PayClearly political media customers the ability to save even more time and campaign dollars by removing the arduous task of writing checks to multiple stations. Nexstar Media Group runs 197 full power stations, along with their partner stations, in 115 markets. Nexstar Media Group is always growing and evolving to meet the needs of their clientele and this partnership is part of that evolution. PayClearly is now able to streamline station payment acceptance for political media agencies by pushing ACH payments, that were originally manual checks, to multiple stations within the Nexstar group.

“This teaming opens a whole new world to our political media customers,” stated Brady Schuckman, Director of Customer Experience at PayClearly. “Nexstar Media Group is the largest media company in the US and we are so excited to offer this to our political customers who operate on a moment’s notice moment within their hectic environment. The time savings of batching payments through the PayClearly platform and omitting checks is a complete game-changer, let alone the revenue share our customers will receive from us.”

PayClearly’s ability to serve the political media world stems from an acute understanding of the speed and accuracy needed to stay in the campaign races. With a development team focused on flexibility and customer service operating around the clock, they are able to deliver the political media market with the exact needs of political media payments. The partnership between PayClearly and Nexstar came at an ideal time for them and their customers as political spend for 2020 is projected to be nearly $10 billion dollars.

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